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Hi guys! I am very excited my kitchen redesign has just been completed. Now, I can stop eating out so much and start making my own healthy meals again. Today, I want to share one healthy snack that helped me through it all and that I always have to have handy, the FitJoy Protein Bars. They are a great healthy snack, packed with protein and grain free. 

Not only are they super healthy, they are also super delicious. They come in different flavors and by now I have almost tried them all. Haha! I have had the Grandma's Lemon Square, Cookie Dough Brownie, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream. ALL of them are really delicious and have great texture. They are tasty and feel sooo good in my stomach. My favorite flavor is the Cookies and Cream and I always put one in my bag when I am going out. So, I can get a nutritious snack on the go and not a sugar rush when I get hungry. By the way, they also come in a fun size so you can get a quick nutritious snack in 2-3 bites with 6g of protein. 

If you have not tried them yet, whichever flavor you decide to try first, you will be happy with your choice. They are all classics and they are even great after your workout because the regular size has 20g of protein. I mean, they are the best bars ever and I love that they use Stevia and have no other sweeteners added. I mean how are they even real. Pinch me! Ohh and they are packed with ice bags, so they arrived perfect and very fast.  

The FitJoy Protein Bars really just feel a little extra amazing because they fit in both of the important categories for me, things I like and things that are good for my body, that means healthy and nutritious. I can’t wait to order more

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