How do I practice self-care

Lately, I’m into learning more about self-care. It’s amazing how at times, we feel like dedicating more to different areas of our lives. I mean at times we may feel a stronger call to work on our own personal development, or try a new hobby, or just caring for our body. And, I’m fascinated by this!

I feel that taking good care of our body is so essential. It truly benefits us in so many different ways. There’s many ways how I take care of my body. One of my favorites is working out. I have developed a new passion for fitness. And, about all the exercise routines my body is able to do. But, I have learned also about the importance to eat healthy and feel strong. Eating intelligently is an art and now every time I eat I see it as an opportunity to nourish my body.

One of my go-to restaurants for healthy and delicious food is Rubio’s Coastal Grill. I love their sense of adventure and exploration, that is reflected in their authentic, flavorful food. I usually have their bowls & salads, and their rich creamy handmade guacamole. Although, the last time I visited their location at the Shops at Midtown Miami, I tried their Original Fish Tacos for the first time. And, as always I had a great experience. The Original Fish Tacos  are responsibly sourced, and they were topped with Rubio's white sauce, mild salsa and fresh cabbage. Served on a warm stone-ground corn tortilla and garnished with a slice of lime. Awe, they were so good and it’s the dish that started it all back in 1983 when Rubio’s first started. All of the meals I’ve had there have been so filling, and made with the best quality ingredients. And, that's why all their dishes are so fresh.



I'd love to know how do you take care of your body. Also, let me know if you've ever been to Rubio's. And if yes, let me know what you had, so I can too try it next time! :)

With love,

Thank you to Rubio’s for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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