The Ultimate Body 12-Week Fitness Guide

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I must confess I’ve never been a big fan of gyms.  That’s why my usual fitness routine always include outdoor activities such as running, biking or playing a sport. One of the reasons why I recently started to workout with the BodyBoss Ultimate Fitness Guide is because the workouts can be done at my backyard, living room or I can even bring the workouts out by the beach or anywhere I want to.  

I love to workout outdoors with the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide because it’s a fun and challenging high intensity 12-week fitness program. I feel it fits me so great especially because I do not like gyms. The exercises range from bodyweight resistance exercises, to plyometric exercies, cardio and unilateral exercises and I love how they can be done anywhere, anytime for 3x a week.

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Here is what is included in the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Guide:
*12-Week Fitness Program to achieve your body goals
*Optimized Training Cycles to help you reach optimal performance
*Bonus: 4-Wk Pre-Training Program: I love this one so much because if you’re a beginner, this will prep your body better for the main program! There are less jumping exercises compared to the main program but it's a great additional for girls who are need to the HIIT exercises like me!
*Optimal Exercise Combination for Best results.
*High Intensity Circuits for maximum power and fat burning.
*Power-Up Workouts to train the body at a molecular level.
*Body bonus Tips to boost your metabolism and transform your body.
*Exercises & Stretches Glossary of every exercise and stretch in the guide.
*Body Goals Worksheet to help you smash them.

Here is what you need to get started:


Also, there is nothing like being your own body boss, and take charge of your health and shape. Following the program requires discipline and commitment. Over 12 weeks, the guide will take you on a journey to total body reinvention. Like I said, it just requires discipline and commitment. So I mean what’s not to love? This is my third week and I like how these 24 active minutes high intensity workouts are helping me tone up and feel more confident. The workout gives me a good sweat session and guides me to do the workout like a personal trainer.  The guide book also comes with warmup and cool-down exercises.


So, I have fallen in love with this program and I make sure not to miss any day of my workouts as I work different parts of my body each day. For instance, Mondays are for Legs & Booty, Wednesdays are for Arms, abs & core, and Fridays are Full Body workouts. Tuesdays and Thursdays are cardio/recovery days and the book also comes with suggested activities to do on those days. My favorite workout day is Friday and I love how these workouts fit in my day to day, I usually like to complete my workout routine early morning before work. Can’t wait to complete the guide to see the full results.


In conclusion, I’m very excited I was introduced to The BodyBoss Method as it combines killer exercises with expertly formulated training cycles and fitness. I never knew I could stay in shape without going to the gym. This is a dream come true and  I would highly recommend this guide to all my friends and to anyone who’s starting their fitness journey. The fitness guide comes in the physical book version and it’s also available online where you can access the guide on your phone/tablet.



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