Health and Fitness as a Lifestyle

New Year is almost here so it is the perfect time to make those resolutions that have to do with health, fitness, or over all better well-being. I think all these go together as it is easier to achieve them when health and fitness become a lifestyle. There are things that are fundamental to stay healthy such as drinking more water, getting enough sleep, eating more fruits and vegetables. And, there are things that are essential too to stay fit such as picking exercising you enjoy, working out different parts of your body and definitely sticking to a work out routine. One of the things that gets me motivated to keeping up with my routine is working out in cute clothes that’s why I am so thankful for YogaClub.

YogaClub is an amazing personal stylist to discover the best yoga and athleisure brands. They deliver brand-name products to its customer’s doorsteps for up to 60 percent off retails prices. Once you’re on the website, you can Join YogaClub, where you can take a quiz of your personal style. Then every month, their team of expert stylists will hand curate a cute outfit tailored to your unique style. 

Also, the excitement of waiting for the box is one of the best parts and the packaging is so cute too. They carry three different personalized packages that go from 1 piece to a 3-piece outfit. And, the coolest thing is that you can gift these packages too.  By the way, I love their give back program as for every box sold, they donate a yoga class to a child in need. 


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You can save 20% when you order your first box by using "MARILUZ20" at YogaClub.

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